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Express Aeroponics

“I love the features Bifarm AeroKit has to offer. It is even better if it is pre-assembled?” Sounds familiar? You are not alone.

Hi, this is Wanjun, the creator of Bifarm’s AeroKit. The AeroKit was the result and the answer to our family’s repeated failure to maintain indoor plants. It created a buzz in the community and attracted attention from scholars and hobbyists, around the world for its compact size and affordable price.

However, the AeroKit did require intensive efforts to assemble and wire the components. How can more people benefit from the technology?

With that mission, Bifarm engineers joined me on Project “Express Aeroponics”, and a new product is born — AeroXPS. (Hint: XPS = Express)

AeroXPS is still based on the original AeroKit design principles — Thermo-controlled high-pressure aeroponics. It blends the modern design of Bifarm BUD with some pro-features.

Bifarm AeroXPS Model (Release Candidate)

The main improvements are:

All-in-one design. Other than power supplies, it comes with major components pre-assembled and pre-wired.

Clean and practical industrial design.

Rotomold body like high-end cooler. It is sturdy, water-proof, easy to clean and saves energy.

Wheels equipped as standard for easy mobility.

Continuous pH and EC monitoring capability. (Optional)

Automatic replenishment pre-mixed nutrient liquid, and draining. (Optional)

The AeroXPS runs Bifarm’s newest operating software — GrowOS. As with AeroKit, it is accessible remotely via Bifarm’s cloud service (free) on mobile terminal app. The new operating software allows multiple users access, and many other new features.

Among those exciting new features, we may have a favorite: Action-trace Infrastructure. It allows engineers and users to perform Root Cause Analysis for automation actions and intents, similar to Westworld’s Analysis Mode. As the Bifarm’s controller functions get more complex, and more safety check logics are built-in, a better tool is needed to help managing the complexity and diagnose events. While this feature is still in its testing stage, we’re very excited about sharing it with you.

The AeroXPS is the best of both worlds — customization and flexibility where you want it, and professional high-tech features where you didn’t know you needed. Stay tuned for more about AeroXPS and the latest Bifarm technology.


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