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Bloom Matrix Control System


Consolidated automation of climate and irrigation operations with sensor readings. Supports remote access and control.

Analytics Add-on

+ $200

Analytical charts and tools. Growth history replay. Supports 24/7 alerts, cameras, multiple users.

Crop Steering Add-on

+ $250

Additional automation and analytical tools including water volume metric and DLI sensing and triggering.

Limited-time Special Offer
Exclusive 20% VIP discount

To receive this offer, simply place a $10 deposit, and you will be locked in for our exclusive launch offer. You will receive a follow up email on joining the VIP group where you gain early access to product specs, launch updates, and the exclusive discount.

$10 Deposit

100% Refund

If you cancel your reservation, we guarantee you a full refund at any time before the project moves into production


We will be transparent about the progress of our project throughout the entire campaign.


All orders are processed through our secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.

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