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Your Ultimate Co-Pilot

The smartest indoor grow control set designed to monitor and manage crop growing within room-sized spaces. Automated to your preferred settings


✓ Tents, closets, or grow-rooms.

✓ Organic, pesticide-free, soil compatible

✓ Advanced control: PAR, VPD, CO2

✓ Support organic and pest-free soil grow

Pre-order and enjoy 37% savings on launch date.

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AeroXPS Pro - Smart Aeroponics Growing System

True Aeroponics

The most reliable, precise, and extendable, smart aeroponics grow systems for advanced growers and commercial operations.

✓ Sub-second precision

✓ Regulated root temperature

✓ Climate & light management

Effecient and Sustainable Way to Grow 

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GrowOS ®

The AI-driven OS uses sensors and control to simplify operations, increase productivity, and save energy, water, and labor.

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Bifarm Care

The commercial service gives growers peace of mind, for all the software updates and hardware protection.

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