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Advance the way we grow today, to live a better tomorrow.

Bifarm Tech is an American AgTech and CleanTech company. It specializes in precision aeroponics and digital climate controls. Its purpose is to address critical social and environmental problems of food security, local economy growth, and environmental sustainability. Its strategy is to utilize high-efficiency, high-yield farming technologies to make urban farming profitable and prosperous, in order to increase reliable food supplies and to boost local economy, all with minimum environmental footprints.

Sustainable AgTech

Precision Aeroponics & Digital Climate Controls


Use environment and nutrient uptake to shape crop quality profile consistently, replicable in all grow seasons and across multiple facilities.


Reliable, practical and precision TRUE aeroponics enabled by patented technology produces superior quality and more yield with less energy and water. 


AI-powered automation simplifies operation complexity, eliminate repetitive work, and requires little training.

Higher yields
Better quality
Consistent results
Quicker grow cycles




To ensure product-market fit, Bifarm develops technologies along with customers to better assist their goals: to replicate harvests with consistent quality profiles, to boost yields and save energy costs, and to automate and simplify operations. The customers include home growers, commercial operators, and also notable research institutes such as Cornell University AgriTech Center, the University of Florida, and the USDA Agriculture Research Service (ARS). 

Bifarm holds key (granted and pending) utility patents for its innovative aeroponics cultivation, habitat environment controls, and AI/computer vision based management methods and systems.

Bifarm Tech's R&D has been supported by startup growth programs including NSF AgCorps, NYSERDA CleanTech Incubator via RIT VCI, NYSERDA EIR program run by Columbia University Technology Ventures, Endeavor Miami ScaleUp program, and Cornell University's Rev Manufacturing Hardware Accelerator. Bifarm Tech has also received customer discovery funds from the National Science Foundation I-Corps. 

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Our Journey

Our Vision
At Bifarm Tech, we envision a future where urban farming seamlessly integrates into neighborhoods, fostering distributed farming for resilient and sustainable food security. We believe in the transformative power of technology to make this vision a reality.

Our Mission
To empower small farms with tailored, scalable AgTech solutions, ensuring profitability and sustainability. We aim to democratize advanced farming techniques, making them accessible to all, especially those with limited expertise and budgets.


In 2017, Bifarm released the AeroKit, a partially assembled aeroponics package and one of the first publicly available personal high-pressure aeroponic kits on the market. Bifarm AeroKit has sparked interest among cultivators across the world, making a typically expensive and inaccessible technology available to the everyday grower.

In 2018, Bifarm released AeroXPS - the first reliable high-pressure aeroponics system in the market. On top of the AeroXPS technology, Bifarm released Future Farm grow systems - aeroponics system for commercial operations in late 2019.

In 2020, the AeroXPS platform based Future Farm aeroponics system was selected as a top 5 finalist for the SXSW Innovation Awards in the Climate, Culture & Social Impact Category.


In 2021, Bifarm was selected as a top 10 finalist for the S&P Global Energy Award as Emerging Technology of the Year.

In 2023, Bifarm was honored "the Innovator of the Year" award by South Florida Tech Hub (Single Winner in the Competitive Category.)

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