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The operating software that powers growing operation automation, from environment control to irrigation management.


Designed for Home and Small Businesses

Premium Quality

Grow Ops

Orchestrated environment and irrigation management simplifies growing procedures, reduces guesswork, and produces premium harvests.

Start and Scale


Collect data from sensors on climate, soil, and nutrient supply.


Drive environmental controls to achieve the desired conditions.


 Algorithm enabled automation manages operations 24/7.


Precisely repeat the settings for consistent results across seasons.

Performance Tuning

Tools for tuning performance & performing diagnostics

History data

Analytical charts and tools

Time-lapse photos

Stay in Control

24/7 monitoring

Remote access

Camera view

GrowOS App Functions.png

Digital Agriculture
In Action

GrowOS powers the well-recognized AeroXPS aeroponics growing system, and the upcoming Bloom Matrix grow control system.

Peace of Mind

Allow you to step away, knowing things will be running just fine.

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