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Bifarm AeroKit ver. 1 Part List

If you‘ve been wanting to build your own automated Aeroponics system, or if you’re curious about the components included in a AeroKit — this blog is for you. Please read on.

Early on, we would ship the AeroKit as partially assembled package, and instruction only covers the process of assembling (no details about the parts were provided).

To help users to better understand the Bifarm AeroKit and customize it, here is supplemental information you might find interesting. This blog will break down the AeroKit into 3 sections:

Overview of part list

Ver. 1 comes with the following parts (and some additional bonus tools):

Part list of AeroKit

The Bifarm AeroKit includes 3 major components and associated accessories.

  1. Root Chamber

  2. Pressure Regulator

  3. Temperature Control Unit

  4. Smart Controller

  5. Bracket Board (for Smart Controller)

  6. Ultrasonic Distance Meter

  7. Root Temperature Sensor

  8. Climate Temperature / Humidity Sensor

  9. Power Supply

  10. 110VAC Power Plug

  11. Relay Controlled Power Cord

  12. Net Pot & Collar

  13. Tube Cutter

  14. Wire Harness

  15. Extension Cord for Level Meter

  16. Temperature Control Unit Wire Extension

  17. Security Key

  18. Spare Atomizer Nozzle

  19. Recycling Tube

  20. Hand Pump (for priming Temperature Control)

  21. Tube Insulation

  22. Spare Clips for Quick Connectors

  23. Liquid Level Sensor

  24. Atomizer Nozzle assembly


  • (80) Connectors for Solenoids have been pre-installed in Pressure Regulator

  • (6) Ultrasound Distance Meter is no longer used for liquid level measurement. A newer type of level sensor (23) is included for this purpose. See instruction document at the end of the blog for details.

  • New Liquid Level Meter

3. Bonus materials for AeroKit ver. 1 sold on Amazon:

Details of major components

Most of the components are self explanatory. Here are several major components we will show more details: Smart Controller, Pressure Regulator, Temperature Control Unit & Root Chamber.

A. Bifarm Smart controller — the brain of AeroKit. For details about the controller functions, check blog A Beginner’s Guide to Bifarm Smart Controller.

Bifarm Smart Controller

Smart Controller Wiring Diagram

Ver. 1

Ver. 1 connection diagram

Ver 1.1 difference from Ver 1

  • Only Atomizer 1 or 2 are used.

  • A3 is used for auto de-compressurization

B. Pressure Regulator — The high pressure aeroponics generator. Check blog Aeroponics — Pressure Regulating Unit

Pressure Regulator

For version 1, the atomizers 1 & 2 are independent on each other. De-compressurization is done manually via valve (83).

80. Connector for Solenoids

81. Manual Drain Tube

82. Manual Drain Valve (It will drain through tube 81, when valve and pump are turned on)

83. Manual De-compressurization Valve

84. Output to Atomizer 1

85. Output to Atomizer 2

86. Solenoid for Atomizer 1

87. Solenoid for Atomizer 2

88. Stop Valve

89. Pressure Pump Intake

90. Pressure Sensor signal

91. Pump Power Cord

92. Pressure Sensor

For version 1.1 , the atomizers 1 & 2 are connected and controlled by one solenoid (84) from Smart controller A1 or A2. Manual valve is no used.

83. Not used

85. Output for auto De-compressurization

87. Solenoid for auto De-compressurization

C. Temperature Control — the Chiller & Warmer that keeps roots happy. Check out blog Aeroponics — Root Temperature Control.

Bifarm Nutrient Temperature Control

There are several areas to pay extra attention to:

  1. The Temperature Control Unit needs to be at the same height as the reservoir.

  2. It needs to be primed for the first use. To prime the pump — first attach the tubes for intake and output to the Temperature Control Unit (make sure the tip of the intake tube is submerge under want at all time). Attach the hand pump to the output tube. Use hand pump to pump air from the temperature control & connected tube.

  3. Make sure the proper ventilation is provided.

  4. (Updated) Make sure the signal connector are plug in with signs lined up as in the following photo (Photo from my own kit, so it is a little dusty)

D. Root Chamber (optional)

Assembled Root Chamber


This portion is optional, you can build your own root chamber too. Just remember to insulate the chamber to make effecient use of the temperature control and save electricity.

The packaging container coming with the package is made of EPP, a high quality material fit well for a root chamber. It is durable, light-weighted, easy to clean, easy to customize, and provide excellent heat & light insulation.

However, it might not be 100% leak proof. So if you use the packaging container as root chamber, you can use top plastic liner as leak proof layer. The installation instruction contains information of how to use the shipping container as root chamber. Both EPP container and plastic liner are made of food safe materials.

You can download AeroKit installation instruction, and read side by side along with this blog to have better understanding of the mechanics of the AeroKit. There are more information about AeroKit at, including its features and how it works.

If you have questions, please contact us here. We will get back to you quickly.


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