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How to clone plants with aeroponics, fast and reliably?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Do you want to preserve the quality traits of your plants, or do you want to speed up the growth cycle? Clone them! Cloning is frequently referred to as, “the method of propagating plants by cuttings.”

When it comes to cloning, there is no better way than using the true aeroponics method.

The following pictures and descriptions are from a case study conducted for our Sweet Basil trial.

Day 3 and Day 7

Growth with Aeroponics in a Bifarm Raised Bed from Day 3 to Day 7

Growing from cuttings, the plant started having visible roots on day 3 and progressed quickly. If you take a look to see what the roots looked like on day 7, the impressive feat is apparent. For reference, basil grown from seeds usually takes about six to eight weeks to mature. By cloning with hydroponics, you can see little roots in about 10 to 14 days.

Evidently, the best result is cloning with aeroponics. Properly managed aeroponics can dramatically shorten the grow cycle and generate annual crop yields and consequently, revenue, by large multiples.

Here are some tips for successful cloning with aeroponics:

Healthy Mother Plant

It’s best to select the healthy plants that fit your desired profile.

Choosing strong stems will provide a good foundation and energy for the new roots.

Proper Cutting

  • Always cut with sharp knives or scissors. Pinching or unclean cutting will cause unnecessary damage and creates air gaps at the tip of the stems, which prevents proper nutrient and water intake during the time before new roots come out.

  • Cut at 45 degrees against the stem to increase the surface area.

  • Place the stem in a proper position so that the cut surface is facing down, allowing it to be in contact with water droplets collected from mist condensed on the end tip of the stem.

Fine aeroponics, suitable lighting & micro-climate control

Maintain a moisturized root environment with a stable temperature. In our case, we use high-pressure aeroponics at 20C or 68F.

We use PAR 80 μMol/m2/s lighting for 20 hours/day.

Cloning plants can be a delicate process. For best results following best practices, using the right tools can increase your odds for cloning success. If you’re looking to automate your cloning process, check out our Clone Station on our website.


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