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Is the AeroKit right for you?

The Bifarm AeroKit is designed with the high-tech home grower in mind. The AeroKit is a personal high-pressure aeroponics kit that allows at-home growers to adapt their current systems to state of the art aeroponic technology. High-pressure aeroponics are an up-and-coming variation of hydroponic growing. The system suspends the roots of the plant in the air, while spraying the roots with an extremely fine nutrient mist at timed intervals. All together, this system is designed to allow the suspended roots to be exposed to an optimal amount of air, water, and nutrients. When done correctly, high-pressure aeroponics result in a bigger yield in a shorter grow cycle. The goal with the AeroKit was to bring this new technology to the household grower, and spread the phenomenon of high pressure aeroponics.

With the AeroKit, we do our best to collect feedback from our growers, and incorporate those changes into future renditions. Choosing the right system for you is an important decision, and a big investment. We know that different growers have different styles, experience, and preferences, which is why we want to make sure that you’re set up for success when you start with the AeroKit. In order to determine whether the AeroKit is a good fit for you, we want to discuss the main pros and cons for home growers.

PRO — Size: The size of the AeroKit is great for home growers with limited amounts of space. It’s designed to fit comfortable in a tent set up, so it doesn’t require a dedicated grow space. Most aeroponic systems on the market are built for the commercial grower, so the AeroKit is unique in its ability to allow you to try out aeroponic growing on a small scale.

CON — Size: Now while the size of the AeroKit is great for home growing, we do often get questions about the ability to expand the kit and create a modular grow system. The current AeroKit is built for individual grows, so it doesn’t have the ability to expand into a large-scale set up. So while the size can be a huge plus for many growers, it may not be good for a commercial set up. However, keep an eye out for a design that fits those needs from Bifarm in the future!

PRO — Affordability: The AeroKit is an extremely affordable system as far as high pressure aeroponics go. The entire AeroKit system is available for less than $1,000. Equivalent systems can often cost up to $5,000. The AeroKit is built to fit in the budget of home growers, and make up its cost within a matter of a few yields.

CON — Learning curve: As any new method of growing, there is a learning curve that comes along with switching systems. High-pressure aeroponics are fairly new to the home market, and therefore not many people have a lot of experience with it. The system takes a fair amount of trial-and-error to find out the best way to grow your crops, but once you’ve mastered it, there are huge benefits to aeroponic growing versus traditional growing methods.

PRO — Customization: We know that home growers like the DIY aspect of growing, and we kept that in mind when designing the AeroKit. The AeroKit can be combined with your favorite existing tents, lights, and nutrient systems in order to help you find your perfect grow recipe. In addition to this, we sell the temperature conditioner and smart controller pieces separately in case you would like to create your own system using our technology. We know how personal the process can be, and we want to help you find that sweet spot.

CON — Not an all-in-one solution: One thing that’s important to keep in mind when purchasing the AeroKit, is that the kit is for the growing system alone. We provide the technology behind the grow, but not the grow accessories themselves. This means that additional equipment is likely required for the AeroKit (lights, fans, tents, nutrients, etc.). Because of this, we like to recommend the AeroKit as a good way to dip your toes into the realm of High Pressure Aeroponics, rather than to first-time growers.

PRO — We care about what you want: We’re a team of engineers, not growers. We know our product can be improved, and we want to hear from you! We’re always open to feedback on our products, and do our best to make those changes real-time, or incorporate them into future models. How many grow systems will do that for you?

All-in-all, the AeroKit isn’t meant for every grower, and no one system ever will be. We see the AeroKit as a good way for home growers with a bit of experience in other methods to test out the waters in high-pressure aeroponics. It’ soften that once growers make the switch and see the benefits, they’re hooked, but there is some experimenting to be done to get there. The AeroKit isn’t meant to be everything-you-need-to-be-a-master-grower, but it’s meant to build on your collection of growing equipment, and introduce you to an incredible new technology at home. Let us know what you think of the Bifarm AeroKit, and you you decided which grow method was best for you!


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