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The Evolution of Bud

Many of you are familiar with our signature product, the AeroKit. One of the first personal, smart, high-pressure aeroponics kits on the market, and a hit amongst our growers. We watched and listened as our growers flourished with the AeroKit, and with all that feedback we designed Bud.

The Bifarm Bud system uses all of the same technology you know and love in the AeroKit, and makes it modular, and scalable. Our growers asked us to design a system that would allow them to choose whether they wanted to grow in a tent or closet, or fill a room with aeroponics plants — Bud does both.

Prototype of the Bud System (one control unit + five grow units)

The system is customizable in the sense that one control unit can grow anywhere between 1 and 8 plants, depending on the user preferences. This scalability is something we see providing huge value for our growers in terms of reduced maintenance, improved plant quality, and shortened grow cycles.

Join in on the conversation, and see what our growers are doing at We love your feedback, and we’re excited to be delivering Bud to the market soon!

Don’t forget to sign up for the exclusive pre-order price at, and share your referral link to receive additional discounts and the chance to be an elite pilot grower.


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