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AeroXPS Standard: Precision Aeroponics Simplified

Meet the AeroXPS Standard, a computer-managed high-pressure aeroponics system tailored for growers seeking streamlined, efficient growth solutions. With integrated climate and irrigation control, this system ensures a consistent and optimal environment for your plants.

Key Features:

  • Climate Monitoring: Equipped with sensors to continuously track ambient temperature and humidity, ensuring your plants thrive in a balanced environment.
  • Optimal Nutrient Delivery: Features a built-in nutrient chiller/heater, ensuring every drop delivered to your plants is at the perfect temperature.
  • Precision Aeroponics: Our advanced aeroponics regulator ensures consistent and optimal nutrient delivery, every time.
  • Seamless Hardware Integration: Comes with interfaces that connect effortlessly to climate control equipment, making setup a breeze.
  • Expandable Control: The AeroXPS Standard unit includes a wire harness capable of managing up to 5 auxiliary control switches. Each unit is shipped with 1 auxiliary control power switch for immediate setup.
  • Ample Reservoir Capacity: With a built-in reservoir that holds up to 1 gallon, you'll spend less time refilling and more time enjoying your growth results.

Designed for Standalone Use:
The AeroXPS Standard is crafted for standalone operations, making it ideal for growers who prefer a dedicated system for each grow space. 

Experience the ease and efficiency of the AeroXPS Standard, where modern aeroponics meets simplicity.


Installation Guide


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