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Bloom Matrix by Bifarm
Your Ultimate Co-Pilot for Indoor Farming

Sophisticated indoor grow control system designed to monitor and manage crop growing within room-sized spaces, developed by agricultural & technical experts and enriched by insights from over 100 growers.

Effortlessly grow what you love, how you want, and enjoy the freedom to step away when life calls—all with peace of mind.

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Streamlined Management,
All-in-one Place

Offering research-grade precision, Bloom Matrix helps you coordinate the complex indoor growing management. Tent, closet. and grow rooms.

✓ Automated Climate Control.

✓ Smart Irrigation.

✓ Adaptive Lighting.

✓ Precise CO2 Regulation.

✓ Real-Time Camera Feed.

... And more

Dynamic Control, Tailored to Your Preference

Bloom Matrix adapts to your plants' needs through every growth stage. It reads sensor data and dynamically coordinates climate and irrigation based on your preferences, ensuring a harmonized growing environment.


Your Farm
in Your Pocket

With our remote accessibility feature, your farm is always just a tap away.


Bloom Matrix's Bluetooth and WiFi support coupled Bifarm GrowOS cloud service enable you to monitor and control your grow room from anywhere, anytime. Live imagery included.

Monitor & Track the Growth

Our proprietary computer vision technology keeps a watchful eye on your plants, identifying growth trends and potential issues—even offline.


Like a trusty sidekick, Bloom Matrix ensures your plants remain healthy and your harvest bountiful.

Your Data, Your Control

With Bloom Matrix, you command both your farm and your data. It's your farm, your data, your control. 

Local Data Storage: All data, from vision images to grow logs, is stored locally, ensuring your information remains secure and private.

Explicit Access Permission: Need cloud notifications or remote access? These functions only access your data with your explicit permission.


What is Included

  • 1x Bloom Matrix Controller with data ports for dimmers, thermostats, vent speed

  • 1x Environmental Sensor - Light (PAR) , CO2, Temperature, and Humidity 

  • 1x Soil Sensor

  • 1x Smart Power Strip (6 x Controllable Outlets)

  • 1x HD Camera

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